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Premier Shisha Bar in Uptown NYC

Offering a Variety of Hookah Flavors, Food, and Drinks

The Perfect Way To Relax and Have Fun With Others

Here at the Mona Cafe, we let our customers spend a relaxing and enjoyable time with others in our hookah lounge. It’s a small, intimate location where everyone is welcome to enjoy an amazing experience.


Mo is back in Harlem.

Come down and see Mo back with a chill Harlem Hookah Lounge


What To Expect

Apart from the variety of hookah flavors, you can also discover a wide range of food and drinks available at Mona Cafe. We also have a TV set up in the lounge, so you can enjoy watching games with your company.

We make sure that customers feel good and experience a great time. Trust us to offer delicious food, refreshing cocktails, and other drinks. And now that Mo is back with the hookah, we only serve the best hookah and tobacco mixtures.

Discover a Broad Selection of Amazing Flavors

Mona Cafe is here to provide some of the best flavors at our hookah lounge. Browse our site to learn more about our variety of hookah mixtures and refreshments available.


"Coming Soon"